Lily is 13 Months Old!


First off, for anyone who doesn’t know me, Lily is my daughter. My wonderful, amazing, vibrant, silly daughter. I feel like I should dedicate a post to her tonight. She is THE BEST.

See? I told you. She is crazy awesome. She is thirteen months old now- where did the time go?! She is so big. It makes me sad to think that she is only growing up from here. I know that might sound dumb. I just wish I could pause her!

Look at that face!! Lily has the most loving eyes, I swear. For being so little, she tells me so much.

Check out her laughing with her Daddy! They were FaceTime-ing while he was gone for classes. She is madly in love with him. He’ll come into a room and she literally screams “DA!” and runs to him. I love that. She cries when he leaves. They go shopping together without me sometimes and she doesn’t mind at all! They are crazy about each other. He sings her a diaper song that always quiets her down- something that I barely ever can do during diaper changes. I get kicked and screamed at! Daddy sings “change your dipey, change change your dipey,” or something and she LOVES it. I sing it and she yells. Oh well. They share Kix in the morning and he lets her watch Spongebob sometimes. He spoils her as often as he can. She’s definitely his little lady!

        Lily saying “hiiiiiii” all silly like. She is only speaking a few words at this point: hi, dada, momma, hot, cold, ist(for juice, if you can imagine), at(for that), is(for this), go, bird, and baby. Maybe more. She will start to say words but never finish pronouncing the word, like ‘bea’ for bear and ‘do’ for dog.

She is, however, signing like a baby genius. We practice American Sign Language. She signs faster than I can teach them! So far, she signs more, eat, hungry, dog, come(to tell the dog to come!), cat, monkey, hurt, juice, milk, cheese(her most used sign), water, up, down, want, no, yes, bad, flush, potty, wipe, wash, bath, diaper…I wasn’t aware she knew so many until now! She doesn’t sign hot, cold, or dirty, but instead she shakes her hand above whatever she’s referring too and tells me. Like for the garbage can, she will go over and put her hand above it, making an ‘ha’ noise. “Ha” used to just be hot, but not she uses it for dirty things too. It’s more like our universal ‘don’t touch this’ sign!

Anyway. She understands more than I can even wrap my head around. She tried to put our house phone on to it’s charger yesterday. She tries to open our fridge and signs ‘eat’ or ‘cheese.’ She will take a diaper and attempt to dress her baby dolls. She feeds them and holds them and kisses them. I know she will be a great big sister. A few weeks ago, I asked her to go put her dirty clothes into the dirty clothes basket- something I had never taught her or even explained to her, for that matter- and she did it without even thinking twice! She came back to me and clapped her hands! She throws things into the garbage can if we ask her too, and will put things away. She can identify her hands, arms, legs, elbows, shoulders, knees, feet, toes, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, hair, belly, belly button, and back. To any person who isn’t a parent, these things might not seem important, but to any parent, these things are monumental.

Lily is also a pet lover. Dogs, cats, birds, whatever. Tyson, our three year old pitbull, is her best friend. Literally. She climbs all over him. She runs up to him and hugs him. She lets him lick her face occasionally. He will bring her toys and she will throw them- they are ridiculous. I catch her feeding him off her tray ON A DAILY BASIS. They both share their cheese addiction…I should find a video of them. He lets her put his ears, lips, feet, etc. She will open his mouth and feel his teeth, and then laugh when he licks her fingers. She pokes his eyes and tries to stick her fingers up his nose. If you’ve never had a reason before to think pitbulls are NOT vicious beasts, let this be yours. He is a great playmate for her. I’m so thankful that he adapted well to her. He is my best friend, too!

Some pictures from a few weeks ago- autumn is beautiful in central New York!

    Needless to say, I am incredibly blessed to have such an amazing daughter. I love her more than I ever thought I could love another human being. She impresses me every day, and she pushes me to be a better person. I am thankful to have her in my life. I am thankful to be having another little one. I know she will be ecstatic when she really realizes that she is getting a REAL baby to have at home. I’m feel honored to be her mother!



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