Mini Apple Pies!!


If you don’t know this about me, I love to bake. Cookies. Muffins. Cakes. Cupcakes. In that order.

Today I tried to make mini apple pies. I think they turned out well. I would do a few things differently, though.

I should have taken pictures during the process of creating these little guys. Oh well.

Mini Apple Pies

3-4 apples (I used some tart kind but I recommend Granny Smith)

Premade pie crusts (I used the Walmart brand- it comes with two) (Refrigerated)

Butter (I used half a stick of really butter. I’m not really into measuring.)

Apple Pie Spice (I don’t have this, so I mixed like a bunch of cinnamon, some nutmeg, and some cloves. Beats me if that’s what is in apple pie spice. I was to lazy to look it up.)

1/4 cup of sugar (I eyeballed this.)

A muffin pan (For people who are serious bakers, use a cupcake pan. Normal people call don’t know that muffin pans are much larger and deeper. Most people don’t own muffin pans. They own cupcake pans. But trying to give someone a recipe that asks for a cupcake pan that they don’t even know they own…well, confusing.)

The woman who originally told me about these used no form of measurements, so I’m sort of at a loss. Sorry!

First, preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Now spray down your muffin tray. I didn’t. Big mistake. I think you could probably use muffin cups with this recipe if you’re handy, but don’t trust me on that. The crust might not bake right. So.

Now peel your apples. I peeled an extra one for Lily. I knew she’d ask!

Slice them up. Obviously not the cores. Discard those. But slice the good bits up and load them into one of those big kitchen baggies. I put mine in a gallon size freezer one because that’s all we have.

Now roll out your dough. Cut out 12 circles. (Use both of the pie crusts) The woman said to use a wide mouthed Mason jar, but I tried it and they were too small. They should fit into your muffin pan. As in, they should reach the bottom and right to the top. I guess if you didn’t push them all the way to the bottom then maybe a Mason jar would work. Next time I’ll try that. Anyway, I used a small bowl. Like a bowl you’d put seasoning in. A really small bowl. A REALLY wide mouthed cup might work. I wish I could think of a universal size!! Bigger than a regular sized cup mouth, and smaller than a regular sized bowl’s mouth. I’ll figure it out.

*Note* You are cutting 12 circles because you’re using 6 for the top and 6 for the bottom. The tops don’t need to be a big as the bottoms. I’m making this much more confusing than it needs to be. The tops just need to be a little bit bigger than the mouths on the muffin pan. To cover the tops of your mini pies. So…if you’re conserving dough or something, now you know.

Take six circles and push them gently into your muffin pan. They’ll gather a little bit around the sides, so smooth them out a little bit.

Now, dump your sugar and spices into your bag with the apples and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Lily likes this part. Just make sure that it’s all evenly coated. Easy!

Spoon the apple mix into your dough in the pie pan. I filled them to the brim, but I had extra apples. The lady said to fill them half way. She must be crazy.

Cut up half your butter into little cubes. Six little cubes. Put your fancy cubes of butter onto of your mounds of apples. One cube on each mound. Cover them with the other six circles of dough. One on each! Hehe.

Microwave the other half of your butter, and spoon it onto your now covered mini apple pies.

Cut fancy lines into the top of your pies, like you would with a regular sized pie.

Bake for 25 minutes. The tops will get all golden-y and wonderful. After they cool you can pry them out carefully and devour them. Toppings I recommend but sadly didn’t have- whipped cream, vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy! Let me know if you make them. I’m going to make them again because they were awesome and I half assed it.

Happy baking 🙂


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