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Weeks 12 & 13


This is me trying to get ahead! I’m finally motivated to blog again. These past few days have been busy!

How far along I am: 13 weeks and 5 days (I’m now in my second trimester and the chance of a miscarriage is significantly lower! Whoohoo!)

Weight: 121 pounds. I fluctuate, so no real gain.

What I’m taking: My regular prenatals.

Baby’s length: 4.1 to 4.5 inches (10.4 to 11.4 cm) FYI, this is measured from head to toe. In a few weeks this will change to head to bottom.

Baby’s weight: 1.75 ounces (50 grams)

How I feel physically: Well, overall, I feel great. Nauseous here and there, but fine. No vomiting. Aches but not much. My sense of smell is driving me nuts! I could smell someone five feet away from me and I could tell she was menstruating- yucko. It’s not like she’s a dirty person! I just have a super sensitive nose. Certain smells still turn me off- coffee(it smells amazing but makes me nauseous?), tomato sauce, bananas, nail polish, certain perfumes, meats… Other smells are pleasing to me- bread, milk, gasoline(weird, right?), Mountain Dew. Pregnancy makes a lady crazy. I went to the hospital last Friday. That’s in the ‘other news’ section.

How I feel mentally: Weak. It’s hard to feel confident and motivated when you’re tired all the time. I’m waiting for this fatigue fog to lift. Ugh. I just feel somewhat sad overall. Disappointed in a lot of ways. I’m sure it’s because it’s winter and it’s crappy out. I’m sure it’s because I lack social interactions with actual friends. Being stuck at home all day doesn’t help either! But, I’m remaining positive. I’ve went through a lot of months of serious depression in my past, not even knowing that that’s what was wrong, and I’m fine. I’m not worried about this slight dip in my attitude. Now that I think of it, I have had seasonal depression for as long as I remember. Even in the fourth grade, I remember being sad for so many months for no good reason. Oh well…just something to keep in mind.

I’m really fine though. I am feeling somewhat better. These coming months have got me excited. I’ve got a big ‘ole bump to look forward to! We are moving in two weeks, Matt will (hopefully) land a job soon, we’ll get our taxes back. Lots of stuff to cheer me up. Lily will love the warmer weather, too.

Preparations: I chose which wrap I want t get. Not the color or pattern, but which brand. (Moby!) I plan on babywearing often, since I’m going to still be taking care of a 18 month old Lily full time. I’ve decided which bedside sleeper I want. There aren’t a ton to choose from. (Co-sleeper!) I’d like to get the full size one(this is the mini) but it’s almost $50 more. I hoping we’ll get both the wrap and the sleeper as gifts. Matt and I are planning on getting a bunch of books to help prepare. (Like this one)  I really want to start reading because I know it will help motivate me. Also, the midwife I like is having an informational session on the 29th, so we plan on attending  that.

I do need to see a doctor soon, so I might call one of the local OB’s and set up an appointment with them. They deliver in the hospital right around the corner from me, which is handy, but the hospital is terrible. A complete mess! My recent hospital stay confirmed this.

Other news: I can officially feel my uterus and tell you exactly where the baby is! I swear a week ago I could not feel anything. This baby likes to chill on my left side. My uterus is flopped upwards and to the left. It’s strange. There’s no uterus on the right side of me. I’m sure once it gets larger it will fill in.

I went to the hospital…*sigh* It wasn’t a fun experience. I went in because I was experiencing the worst pain I’ve ever felt. It was in the lower right side of my stomach. I was sitting on my couch, talking to Lily, when the pain hit. It was a sharp stabbing kind of pain. I immediately was overcome and started sobbing. Now if you know me, you’d know that I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I rarely cry over pain. I broke my toe when I was 6 and yelled and everyone now to touch it, but never cried. This pain was unmanageable. No matter how I moved, it remained. I sat in the same upright position was 30 minutes sobbing until we we ready to go to the hospital. Terrible. The doctor’s immediately suspected my appendix, but I didn’t have a lot of symptoms. Just the pain. They tested my urine and blood, and gave me an ultrasound. I ended up staying overnight to be monitored. They were waiting for my fever to spike up or for the pain to return. It never happened, so I was released the following morning. The surgeon met with me and said she thinks I was experiencing round ligament pain. Trust me, this was NOT round ligament pain.

My mother drove an hour out to stay with me overnight. Of course we got a snowstorm, so she ended up staying another night. She was helpful while she stayed. I feel fine now. I’m pain free. Strange!!

The ultrasound technician was amazing. She always is checking out organs and rarely gets to see babies, so she was pretty excited to check me out. She didn’t see my appendix at all..but did give me a bunch of new ultrasound pictures. She said she’s 80% sure it’s a boy. We would watch the umbilical cord pulse in between the baby’s legs, then we’d watch it move out of the way and see a little ‘thing’ still there. Possibly some little boy junk? We’ll see! I’ll be sure to write her a card if she’s right! The baby was wiggling all around and having a great time.

Yay for a healthy baby! Yay for a healthy momma!


Weeks 10 & 11



I have been slacking. I know.

How far along I am: 11 weeks and 6 days. Whew. Almost done with my first trimester.

Weight: New! 119.4lbs on New Year’s Day. That means I haven’t gained any weight yet. I didn’t gain weight with Lily until I was around 20 weeks. Trust me, I’m trying to eat more!

Baby’s length: 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters)

Baby’s weight: 3/10ths of an ounce to 1/2 an ounce (8.5 to 14.2 grams)

How I feel physically: Not as tired. It’s nice, but I still want to rest often. I’ve been mostly free of aches and pains. I have reflux often. Yuck. It makes me think I’m hungry, so I’m eating constantly.

I have been dizzy a lot…that bothers me. I’m not dehydrated. I drink at 72-96 ounces of water a day, which is more than I need to. I eat often. I sit often. I sleep enough. My blood should be catching up by now- as in, when you’re first pregnant, your baby is sharing your blood and your body starts producing more to make up for the difference. Eventually you’ll make enough blood for the both of you. I’m not sure what is going on.

BOOB NEWS!!! My colostrum came in! Four weeks earlier than average, too. Yahooooo! I know this is lame news to most people, but I’m honestly excited about breastfeeding, and I feel like this is just one step closer. At first I noticed my breasts were larger- more full- but still soft. Then, a few days ago, I got sore nipples and hard breasts. So being the curious lady I am, I tried to express some colostrum and got some. Awesome.

How I feel mentally: Worried. Sad. A lot of things have been going on. I keep hearing stories about terrible parents. I’m worried about every other pregnant couple I know- will they treat that baby like they should? It makes me sad. I know we are great parents. I wish every baby out there could have parents who are as devoted to them as we are to Lily. Sad.

I had a dream I was in labor, but it was short. I dreamt I was laying in bed and I was having contractions. At first they were painless, but they soon started to get stronger. I woke Matt up, and then I literally woke up, so dream over. I remember looking down and my big belly and seeing it tense.

What I’m taking: My prenatal, with no problems. With my first pregnancy I often vomited after taking it, but I have yet to get sick at all. YESSS!!!!!!!! Pretty lucky, I know.

Baby/Birth Preparations: I went on Craigslist and surfed around a bit out of boredom. Someone was selling a Moby wrap, still in the packaging, for $10. I suppose I’ll check Craigslist more often, eh?

I also decided what cloth diapers I want for Lily and the new baby. I think I’m going to get some Best Bottom’s. I like that the liners snap in. gDiapers are too pricey. Grovia are nice, but pricey too. Best Bottom’s fall better in my price range.

I’m currently waiting for my new insurance to start, so I haven’t called the midwife yet. I did tell the regular OB that I wasn’t coming back. I told them I wanted a homebirth.

Boy or girl?: I don’t know. 9 more weeks until we find out. Matt wants a boy.

Names: Margaret. Maggie. Matt surprised me and said he likes Violet, which I like. I like June A LOT. I also like Leah. Matt likes Graham and Louis. And Lennox. And Landon. I like…no boy’s names. They’re harder for me!

Other News: Not much! We are moving next door on February 1st. My landlord is being a pain in the ass about it. They expect my brother to move out by the first, us to move in by the first, and our friend to move in here by the first. So, really, they expect my brother to move out asap. When are they going to paint? No one knows. I can’t be in the new apartment when it’s being painted. They are supposed to put in a new kitchen floor, and a new sink. I guess they decided (WITHOUT TELLING ME) that they aren’t putting in the new sink. They are. Wait and see. I’m not doing my dishes in one big ole sink. I need two sides. This pregnant lady is going to flip out.

By the way, I am a little bit more round, but still, pretty flat. If you didn’t know it, I don’t look pregnant. When I start to, I’ll post pictures somehow.

Weeks 8 & 9


How far along I am: 9 weeks, 6 days

Baby’s Length: 1.25 to 1.68 inches, or 3.2 to 4.3cm. Getting bigger 🙂

Baby’s Weight: 2/10th of an ounce, or 5.7 grams.

How I feel physically: Still tired. Not as tired, I think. I actually had the motivation to clean a little this week, and I wrapped 90% of the Christmas presents.

Some nausea, but not actual vomiting. Thankfully. Weird things set me off, like the smell of bananas. Not the actual banana though! I normally am an avid coffee drinker, but the smell of coffee makes me nauseous. I’ve been enjoying other smells more than ever too- weird! I like the smell of bleach. Don’t worry, I’m not huffing it! It just smells wonderful to me. Pregnancy hormones turn me into a strange lady!

I’ve also had some lower back aches, tailbone pain, sciatic nerve pain in my hips, and pressure on my genitals. I never felt that ‘bearing pressure’ until I was in labor with Lily, but I’ve been achy.

No boob news.

How I feel mentally: Sad. Strange, but true. I think it’s because I’ve been so tired. I’ve been busy, so I haven’t had much time to think about everything.

What I’m taking: Just my prenatal. I’ve had acid reflux but I haven’t taken anything for it.

Baby/Birth Preparations: None, except for pulling out some old totes of baby stuff and going through them. We don’t have very much boy stuff. Like half a small tote of clothes. That’s it.

Girl or Boy?: Girl. Don’t tell Matt.

Names: Matt and I have been talking, but we are still stuck.

Sorry for the lack of pictures…I need to empty out my laptop still. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!