Baby kicks and a new external hard drive!


I know, not a very interesting title. But that’s what’s going on.

The baby is kicking. HARD. At the ultrasound we saw that the baby is head down- very, very low- so the baby’s feet are up and kicking. During the ultrasound we saw the legs curled up and then completely stretched out! This baby is crazy! I get a few gentle flutters and then BAM! I get a strong kick. Listen, these aren’t just normal baby kicks. These are kicks that make me jump and say “oh!”  They’re crazy.

Also, Matt bought me an external hard drive today! That means I can start getting photos off of my computer and start putting pictures back on to my blog. Whoo! Belly pictures!

Tyson also head butted our kitchen window and shattered it. Lily got glass in her foot. I hit my kneecap on the bathroom door knob trying to climb over the baby gate. It’s blue. Lily pulled the dustpan off the table (that was FULL of glass shards) and dumped them back onto the floor. I had to continually yell at her and the dog to stay in the living room so I could clean up the glass. Matt’s sneakers are ruined. Lily poo’ed white yesterday. Terrible, painful poos. We gave her a tiny bit of metamucil and today she had tan colored runny poos. She’s been miserable and must be teething again. SO. Today has not been one of our best days.

It was nice out though. I raked leaves and dog poop. Lily drove her cars around outside. Matt bought a boat and waxed his new truck. I made a big dinner and we finally relaxed…

Sunday we are having a ‘gender reveal party’ at my Grandmother’s house. Vicky is making cupcakes to surprise everyone. I asked her to make them with the centers colored: blue for boy, or pink for girl. She called today and said she’s going to make them and she’s not going to tell me what they’ll look like. Fun!

We’re stuck on names again. I’ve been using Nymbler but I’m not falling in love with anything. It’s frustrating. Also, trying to find a theme or products that go with a theme I like is impossible. I HATE THE MONKEY/JUNGLE THEME. I think it’s ridiculous and overused. It looks ‘cuuuuuute’. I’m looking for something earthy and, well, not dumb. I’m pretty sure I did this with Lily too- I’m rebelling against everyone who is trying to help. I think a lot of people get excited about babies and try to help. I’d prefer if everyone left me alone! I’d prefer if I made a registry and told people what I liked and they just got those things. I hate when people try to tell me what themes to do! Especially when I hate their ideas!! Maybe I’m just a grouchy pregnant lady.

I guess I just want privacy. I’m already anxious enough about this baby. I don’t need a million people asking me if I’ve seen that adorable jungle bouncy chair at Walmart. Yes. It’s dumb. Buy my baby some gorgeous wooden toys and organic sleep sacks please. No dollar store teethers that will leak, please. See what I mean? I got SO MUCH junk from Lily’s baby showers. I do appreciate everyone’s gifts, don’t get me wrong! I just wish people would get me what I actually want and instead of what they think it cute. For instance, I said I didn’t want to do anything ‘pooh’ themed for Lily. Do you know how much Winne the Pooh stuff we got?! I understand if someone sees something and thinks its adorable and HAS TO BUY IT. But c’mon, do you even care about who you’re buying for? This isn’t your baby! If you don’t think the momma will love it, then don’t get it!

I don’t need all that much with this baby. I need baby clothes. I need cloth diapers. I need a bassinet. I need boy stuff. I really don’t think that my little man (my only readers already know anyway…) will want to be swaddled in pink all the time. Not that he’d mind right then, but years from now, he’d be wondering. I have a million things on my wish list that I know I won’t get. I know I’ll get a ton of stuff I won’t want but will eventually use. There’s a reason people make registries. Overall, I just want gift cards! Or gifts with real meaning. If someone got the baby, let’s say, a personalized blanket or something like that, I’d appreciate it. But a million cheapo 90% polyester baby socks? Do people know I hate polyester? Do I need to start complaining more? I don’t think a lot of people know who I am.

It’s hard for me. I want to me so thankful. I really, really do. But when someone close relatives know I dislike the monkey theme and buy me a blanket with monkeys on it because THEY thought it was adorable…well, THEY are making me feel like they don’t really care at all about me. This is MY baby!

My MIL always says, “you’re not going to turn into one of those hippie only-feed-my-baby-organic-food moms, are you?” I always say that’s silly…Matt loves boxed mac n’ cheese too much. The truth is, if I could move to a more desolate location, grow a HUGE garden, sew my own clothing, and feed my children food that is never processed I WOULD. And I would love that. I would love to live in my own sort of world. I would love to not be judged anymore. I made a status a few weeks ago about how I’m not a “crunchy” momma, but that’s not my choice! Honestly, I love all that the crunchy granola munching moms represent. I love cloth diapers. I love not filling landfills. I love not exposing Lily’s bum to chemicals. I love the pride I feel when I’d folding clean diapers. I love the person I’m becoming…weird.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant. I’m surrounded by so many people that don’t actually listen to me.

Goodnight all.


About Mama Wolf

I'm a young mama to two babes and a wife to my wonderful husband. I love all things 'crunchy'. I'm just trying to make this world a better place and learn from others :) Join me on my journey!

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  1. I love your rants! I totally understand and do think that people get carried away in their own world, rather than thinking about the mamas they are buying for. No worries! It’s normal to be pissed when people pretend to be doing something for you, but are really doing something for themselves they wish someone had done for them!

    No polyester socks from this lady! I only do the diaper bag/supplies once, so it was hard to think of what to get for this one, but I got it. And it isn’t socks or anything with monkeys. It also isn’t on a registry, but you’ll like it.

    And I want to be a crunchy mom, wife, and person! We are totally going freakishly organic in the next year. We are getting a place on a dirt road. Then we are getting goats and chickens and I think if I get the right job, Sam’s going to stay home and farm a massive garden and even more animals. I know what it’s like to want that – I want it too!

    I love who you are becoming and I miss you tremendously!

    • It’s strange to me to actually like the person I am and the person I’m becoming. Living life with a purpose changes everything! I wish more people would embrace how I feel. It’s a strange feeling when you KNOW how you want to live.

      People keep asking me what I want for the baby and I keep coming up blank. I want peace for this baby. That’s all I can come up with! Hormones make a momma crazy.

      And when you plan on breastfeeding, that eliminates a huge amount of baby junk.

      Sent from my iPhone

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