Some links I like…


I read blogs on a daily basis and there are some I absolutely LOVE, but feel as though they might be inappropriate to share on Facebook. Maybe I’ll add to this if I find more? I’m not sure.

Here’s an AWESOME birth story. An unassisted hospital birth- all with pictures.

(I’d also like to point out that the woman has dreads and I’m jealous. I love dreads. Matt would freak out! But I dream of having a head full of skinny dreads…someday I’ll be a hippie.)

Here’s a laugh-able cloth diapering post about stinky pee. Cloth diapering is great overall but there definitely are times when I hate it. It’s not for everyone.

Here’s a post about knowing your cervical dilation without sticking a hand up your snatch. Handy.

Here is my all-time favorite post on the history of breastfeeding. It’s an excellent post! It really helps you understand why breastfeeding is viewed the way it is in our culture. A must read.

I’ll link more when I find them. Lily just asked me for a piece of chocolate…and it’s 10AM.



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