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An Orgasmic Birth


This is going to be a short post- just one where I’m going to spill my thoughts.


Lately, I’ve been having a ton of positive feelings about the upcoming birth. I’m not sure if it’s my hormones trying to psych my up or what, but it’s been pleasant.

I’ve had dreams of an easy birth- like, an incredibly easy birth. One where I’m fine all the way up until the end and then there’s just determination through the crowing phase. I haven’t dreamt about the pain. I don’t think about being scared. I’m surprised! Just a few weeks ago I was terrified. I keep having thoughts about cruising through my labor! And the baby latching on seconds after he’s born.

Now, I know that these thoughts are unrealistic, but hey, I can enjoy them.

The title, by the way, doesn’t mean I’m hoping to having a orgasm during the birth, but instead just having such amazing, overpowering feelings that it feels orgasmic. I’ve read a few birth stories over the past few months of women who thoroughly enjoy their births. They post pictures of themselves smiling and laughing while laboring. I want that!

So anyway, last night, while I was up with a miserable teething toddler, I had three contractions. They were NOT Braxton Hicks. Trust me, after months of having BH’s, I know the difference. These ‘cramps’ pulled downwards and extended into my back. They didn’t just squeeze me like an anaconda. They were weak so they didn’t hurt very much at all, but the sensation of them pulling I could feel. And guess what? THEY FELT GREAT.

Why I guess they felt good instead of painful:

  1. They were weak
  2. I’m anxious and excited
  3. They pulled from a different direction that I’m used to, so in a way, they were stretching me
  4. I’m in the right state of mind
  5. I have always enjoyed a painful kind of pleasure…does that make sense? I’m not necessarily making a sexual reference. Think about me picking at my body- it sort of hurts, but then your body releases it’s natural sedatives, which feel good. So.

So, keep all your fingers and toes crossed people. I’d like all of my contractions to feel enjoyable. I’ve read in multiple books that if you accept the pain you can sit with it instead of (mentally) trying to run from it.

I’m ranting and this is a messy post- sorry! I’m excited.


Some links I like…


I read blogs on a daily basis and there are some I absolutely LOVE, but feel as though they might be inappropriate to share on Facebook. Maybe I’ll add to this if I find more? I’m not sure.

Here’s an AWESOME birth story. An unassisted hospital birth- all with pictures.

(I’d also like to point out that the woman has dreads and I’m jealous. I love dreads. Matt would freak out! But I dream of having a head full of skinny dreads…someday I’ll be a hippie.)

Here’s a laugh-able cloth diapering post about stinky pee. Cloth diapering is great overall but there definitely are times when I hate it. It’s not for everyone.

Here’s a post about knowing your cervical dilation without sticking a hand up your snatch. Handy.

Here is my all-time favorite post on the history of breastfeeding. It’s an excellent post! It really helps you understand why breastfeeding is viewed the way it is in our culture. A must read.

I’ll link more when I find them. Lily just asked me for a piece of chocolate…and it’s 10AM.


38 weeks pregnant!


Please excuse my absence…I have no excuses! I just didn’t post. I keep thinking of things to post about and saying I’m going to, but I never end up following through.

Well, here it is-

38 weeks


I know, I know. Check out my veiny belly. I need all those veins! I officially can’t see my bats anymore, FYI. I have to lean way over and pull my belly up to see them. They are almost 3 inches long now, compared to them being about an inch and a half when I’m not pregnant.

How far along I am today: 38 weeks and 3 days. Tick tick tick.

Weight: 153.4 pounds (+31 pounds from my ‘regular’ weight)

What I’m taking: Just my prenatal and vitamin D supplements. Nothing fancy! I was going to start drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea every day to tone up my uterus but I decided against it a few weeks ago. My uterus is already getting a bunch of Braxton Hicks on a daily basis. I really don’t think I need to aggravate it any more. I have Braxton Hicks’ when I stand up, when I sit down, when I cough, sneeze, laugh…pretty much all the time. I sneezed while having one a few days ago and it hurt. If I have to pee, I will have BH’s back to back. Strong ones! I have a sensitive uterus, evidently.

Baby’s weight: At this point, it could be anyone’s guess. Most likely more than 6 pounds and less than 10. Probably around 7 pounds.

Baby’s length: Lily was 20 1/4 inches when she was born. So probably about that.

How I feel physically: Pretty good being 9 1/2 months pregnant! Things are definitely changing. The baby is a low as he can possibly go without coming out. That is putting a lot of new tension on my lower belly. I can feel pulling from my back. He’s tipped forward a bit more now too, so that doesn’t help. My skin is sensitive and tight. I keep getting back aches and hoping it’s time…but nope, nothing.

Sleeping is making me miserable. My hips hurt if I lay on them for too long and I can’t really breathe on my back. Plus I always have a ton of BH’s if I lay on my back. I toss and turn all night. Not fun.

At my 36 week appointment I had my Strep B test (which was negative, yay) and the OB checked my cervix. I was 50% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated. That really means nothing to me but I figured I’d add it in. There hasn’t been any spotting or fun signs yet.

How I feel mentally: Anxious! I’m trying my hardest to stay distracted and not get anxious but there isn’t much you can do. I’m not excited about the birth itself (who is?!) but I can’t wait to see the little guy. I got to hold Summer yesterday (Matt’s brother, Tim’s, baby girl) and got all giddy. She is teeny and perfect.

This is who I got to hang out with yesterday- jealous?


TEENY TINY BABY! Looooooooove her!

Matt still hasn’t prepared AT ALL, so I feel pissy about that, but I’m keeping quiet and ignoring it. I feel all sorts of emotions about it but I’m not going to get into it.

I have days when I just fall apart- sobbing, angry, sad, worried…hormones! But they aren’t happening as often. I feel a lot more positive now than I did a few months ago. I few days ago Matt asked me if I wanted a new 8g iPod or a used 32g iPod. A simple question, right? Well I flipped out and was a huge bitch to him, saying I didn’t care. Then I cried and cried and cried because I felt sorry and regretted being mean to him.


Preparations: A friend on Instagram just sent me the book “Homebirth in the Hospital” by Stacey Marie Kerr. I’ve been reading that a bit…not very many other preparations have been happening. I’m staying physically busy. We haven’t toured the hospital yet. Maybe this week? I’ve met all three midwives and love them all. I gave the last one I saw goosebumps! I guess I’m doing something right. I’ve been rolling around on my exercise ball, trying to line things up. This baby is right where he needs to be!

The baby’s room is all ready. I still need to get a sleeper/chair thing for him. And prefolds. And I’d like to grab a Moby wrap. He has a million tiny socks and everything he NEEDS. Just not everything I want 😉

Other news: It’s our three year wedding anniversary today! Wahoo! I don’t think we are doing anything special but it’s worth mentioning.

Kaia had her baby! Summer Rose. She’s a doll and they are both doing great.

Lily finally met her cousin, Allyson. She loved her and cried when she left 😦

We visited with my family from GA. A few of them came up to visit. We went to the zoo. Lots of fun!

Matt’s boat hates him. A few weeks ago the battery terminal melted or something, so he replaced the battery. Then it ran great and he went tubing. Then, on July 3rd, he realized he lost his keys and went bonkers searching for them. On the 4th he bought a whole new ignition and replaced it himself. We took the boat out and it melted the new battery. So. It’s at the marina getting fixed.

Lily grew out of her favorite pajamas. They are 2t. Not cool.

Lily has been very curious about breastfeeding. She asks me about it often and understands it as best she can. She saw Kaia breastfeeding Summer yesterday and wasn’t all that interested. I wear my nursing tank all the time- it has the snaps on the sides so I can pull it down- and she keeps unsnapping my shirt. I’m not sure if she’s more interested in my shirt of looking at my boobs, but whatever. She’s just looking and asking questions. This morning she unsnapped one side and said “oh, dats a big booby!” Hehe.

Lily just saw the NYSEG guy outside and asked me who it was. I told her “the NYSEG guy” and she said “oh yeah, the nice guy.” Sure kid, whatever 🙂

I’ll be sure to post when things get interesting. Well, I’ll try. Remind me!